Friday, May 13, 2011

New version of Adobe Flash Player released

This has much better privacy controls, comes with a new Control Panel applet (in Windows), and includes some security fixes.  Download it and install it soon, the Bad Guys will be sure to take advantage of security holes in the older versions soon.

Adobe Flash Player 10.3 released (new Privacy Controls) - Security | DSLReports Forums
Adobe Flash Player released May 12, 2011

Download here (especially for offline installation to multiple computers): Adobe Flash Player Downloads. Don't forget you need different versions for IE and Firefox/Opera.  User-friendly write-up with userful links and advice here:

Critical Flash Player Update Plugs 11 Holes — Krebs on Security
Adobe has released another batch of security updates for its ubiquitous Flash Player software. This “critical” patch fixes at least 11 vulnerabilities, including one that reports suggest is being exploited in targeted email attacks.

The vulnerabilities exist in Flash versions and earlier for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. To learn which version of Flash you have, visit this link. The new version for most platforms is; Android users should upgrade to Flash Player available by browsing to the Android Marketplace on an Android phone; Google appears to have updated Chrome users automatically with this version of Flash back on May 6 (Chrome versions 11.0.696.68 and later have the newest Flash version).

Remember that if you use Internet Explorer
in addition to other browsers, you will need to apply this update
twice: Once to install the Flash Active X plugin for IE, and again to
update other browsers, such as Firefox and Opera. Updates are available by browsing with the appropriate browser to the Flash Player Download Center.
Bear in mind that updating via the Download Center involves installing
Adobe’s Download Manager, which may try to foist additional software.
If you’d prefer to update manually, the direct installers for Windows
should be available at this link. If you run into problems installing this update, you’ll want to uninstall previous versions of Flash Player and then try again.

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