Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Patch City: Microsoft and Adobe have simultaneous huge Patch Tuesdays

System admins will be very busy this week as Microsoft's Patch Tuesday is a big one affecting many products and requiring a reboot, while Adobe rolled out simultaneous patches to Adobe Reader (8.3, 9.4.5, and 10.1.0), Flash Player (, the second patch in a week), and Shockwave Player (  Combine that with last week's must-install patch to Java (6.0.26) and any system admin is going to be grumpy.

Information Week and ZDNet both had articles on which patches are most important to roll out, and ISC has some useful summary and/or link pages.  I am currently testing all but expect to roll them out later this week.

Links to all the various bulletins follow below.

How To Prioritize Microsoft Patch Bonanza -- InformationWeek
On Tuesday, Microsoft released 16 security bulletins, addressing 34 vulnerabilities in its products, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel, and .Net. In addition, Adobe also released patches for Acrobat, Reader, ColdFusion, LifeCycle, and Blazem, while last week, Oracle pushed a major Java security update.

While Microsoft and Adobe previewed their patches last week, IT administrators now have their work cut out for them, as they must quickly determine which patches to test and deploy first. Where should they start?
MS Patch Tuesday: Gaping holes haunt Internet Explorer browser | ZDNet
There is plenty of work this month of June for IT administrators - Microsoft’s June Patch Tuesday addresses 34 vulnerabilities in 16 distinct bulletins. Nine of the bulletins carry a maximum severity of “critical”, while the remaining seven are rated as “Important” only.

Plus there are the critical fixes from Adobe Reader and Oracle for Java.

No doubt IT Administrators will have to pick and choose where to act first.
ISC Diary | Adobe releases patches

ISC Diary | Microsoft June 2011 Black Tuesday Overview

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