Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Apple QuickTime 7.7

I should have blogged this when it first was announced, but today was the first day that I was able to download QT 7.7 from Apple's manual download site.  Previous to this you had to update your existing QT using Apple Software Update, and that didn't work for network managers.

Apple QuickTime flaws haunt Windows users | ZDNet
By Ryan Naraine | August 3, 2011, 7:21pm PDT

Apple has shipped a high-priority QuickTime update to fix at least 14 security holes that expose computer users to hacker attacks.

The QuickTime 7.7 update, available for both Windows and Mac OS X,
addresses flaws that could be exploited via rigged image, audio and
movie files.

According to an advisory from Apple, some of the flaws could lead to
remote code execution attacks if a user is tricked into clicking on a
booby-trapped web site or into opening a special media file.

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