Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wall Street Journal website infected, served malware

People surfing with ad blockers and script blockers would have been less likely to have been caught by this, which is one more reason I use the Firefox Browser with the Adblock Plus and NoScript add-ons. Even ChromePlus doesn't block scripts, although you can get an ad-blocker that uses the same lists as the Firefox ad-blocker and also a Flash blocker.

Thousands Of High-Ranked Webpages Infected With Malware, Including,, |
More than 100,000 webpages, some belonging to newspapers, police departments, and other large organizations, have been hit by an attack over the past few days that redirected visitors to a website that attempted to install malware on their machines.

The mass compromise appears to have affected sites running a banner-ads module on top of Microsoft’s Internet Information Services using, said David Dede, head of malware research at Sucuri, a website monitoring firm., The Wall Street Journal’s, The Jerusalem Post, and the police department website for UK county of Strathclyde have been hacked.

Google searches on Tuesday indicated more than 100,000 pages were infected, Dede said, but that number had shrunk to about 7,750 at time of writing.

Mass Web attack hits Wall Street Journal, Jerusalem Post
Internet users have been hit by a widespread Web attack that has compromised thousands of Web sites, including Web pages belonging to the Wall Street Journal and the Jerusalem Post.

Estimates of the total number of compromised Web sites vary between 7,000 and 114,000, according to security experts. Other compromised sites include and

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